What is the Average Hair Growth for human beings?

What is the average hair growth for human beings? Average hair growth is about half inch per month. However, depending of many factors such as hereditary or genetic, hormonal, and environmental factors, hair growth may be affected and thus vary from person to person.

What is the Average Hair Growth for human beings?

Average Hair Growth

Average hair growth also differs for scalp hair and other body hair such that of hair growing in the legs, arms, under arms, and chest. That is why it is very obvious that other body hair does not grow as long as the scalp hair could grow.

Hair growth could better be understood if we get to know the details of the hair growth cycle. The hair growth cycle consists of three phases: the anagen or the growth phase, the catagen or the regressing phase, and the telogen also known as the resting phase.

The anagen or the growth phase is mainly responsible for the growth of majority of hair at a certain point of time. In this phase, about eighty to ninety percent of total hair is actively growing. Average hair growth is one centimeter per twenty eight days, or roughly half inch in a month. The difference in hair growth system between scalp hair and other body hair comes in when we consider the length of time the hair stays in this cycle. In fact this explains why scalp hair has the capacity to grow longer compared to other body hair – because scalp hair grows in this cycle for almost one thousand days on the average and could sustain growth to up to nine years. On the other hand, other body hair grows for only an average of seven to nine months.

The catagen or regressing phase serves as the one to two weeks transition from growth stage to stoppage of growth. In this phase, the hair is no longer capable of growing due to major hair cells death. For other body hair, growth stops for two to three weeks, a little longer than that of the scalp hair.

The telogen or resting phase is the time when hair starts to shed. There is about fifty to one hundred hair loss per day, a figure representing eight to ten percent of total hair. While scalp hair sheds for about three months only, other body hair could shed to up to nine months.

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