Herbs With Benefits On Hair Health

Do you have a garden with some herbs? Or a terrace with pots full of wonderfully fragrant greenery? Then you are guaranteed to have an interesting stock of natural raw materials within easy reach with which you can make all kinds of care products, oils and lotions like folexin main product! Bring out the alchemist in you and make your own care products with five common herbs.

hair health

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Rosemary for beautiful hair and a fresh head

Rosemary has a calming and antiseptic effect. It is also said to improve blood flow to the brain. It’s a good memory booster and… it would slow down aging! A rosemary infusion rinse stimulates hair follicles. It makes hair shiny, fuller and stronger.

How do you prepare the infusion?

Boil a handful of rosemary needles in a liter of water for 15 minutes. As soon as the water boils, put the lid on the pan. Leave to cool for an hour and a half, strain, pour the liquid into a salable bottle and put it in the refrigerator. You can also make oil from the needles. It helps with dry hair and headaches.

For the treatment of dry hair, massage some oil into your scalp. Then wrap a warm towel around your head and let the oil sit for ten minutes. Then you wash your hair. As a remedy for a headache, massage a few drops over your temples.

How do you prepare the oil?

Let 25 grams of rosemary needles steep in 600 ml of olive oil in a closed jar in the sun for a week. With the flowers you prepare a delicious vinaigrette. Rosemary vinaigrette is said to promote hair growth when used as a rinse aid (one tablespoon of vinaigrette per 2 tablespoons of water). It would also improve memory and blood flow when taken.

Sage against gray locks and stiff muscles

Sage is also antiseptic. It would also be good for the memory and another rejuvenation cure. And there is more positive to be said about this bitter herb: it is an expectorant, it calms the stomach, it has a diuretic effect and it soothes sore throats. Sage is also ‘drying’, so your partner in crime with a runny nose or profuse perspiration (hot flushes).

Sage also stimulates the scalp and hair. A regular rinse with a ‘sage conditioner’ also darkens your hair. Ideal for covering up those first squeaky gray hair. You can also use the sage infusion for sore gums. Heavy dabbing brings some relief.

How do you prepare the sage infusion?

You make it the same way as the rosemary infusion. Add a few more drops of olive oil if you want to use the moisture to darken your brows. A massage with sage tincture helps with stiff muscles.

How do you prepare the sage oil?

You make this by mixing two tablespoons of dried sage with 250 grams of pure alcohol (90%). Place the jar in full sun for two weeks, strain the liquid and keep it in a sealable bottle. Sage also helps digest fatty nutrients. And sage tea is said to be beneficial for hay fever and sore throat.

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