How To Care For Dry And Damaged Hair

Hair, our beloved and dear hair, no matter how much care we have, we are exposed to natural actions that end our darlings, rain, wind, sun, sea, beach and pool impair the structure of the hair and end up with the shine and health of our hair. wires.

How To Care For Dry And Damaged Hair

hair fall in women

We perceive from a distance hair damaged by the wear of the strands, the hair is left with little elasticity, dry, dull, fragile, with split ends and very brittle. In addition to the natural actions we are exposed to, the frequent use of flat iron, hairdryer and chemicals further advance the damage process so daily care is necessary for the health of our hair.

One of the options to treat dry and damaged hair is to restore the natural moisture of the hair through capillary hydration . In addition to being a practical way it can be carried out either at home or in the salon, with homemade products or cosmetics.

Capillary cauterization replaces nutrients and keratin in the hair fiber, they bring the hair back to life, leaving hair much stronger, softer and healthier. This type of treatment is more suitable for very dry hair, with split ends and frequent use of dryers and flat iron.

A lot of people don’t know, but the way we comb the hair also helps to damage the hair, having wet hair and using a comb with wide teeth also prevents the hair from breaking, it’s also important to use a leave-in , because it protects the wires from dust, from the sun, helps to give or take the volume, shape curls and has a lighter texture.

Try to cut your hair every three months, trying not to expose the strands to the effect of the dryer and the flat iron are essential actions that prevent dryness, using shampoos and conditioners of your hair type is necessary and at home only perform maintenance, such as basic hydration , use masks with keratin, vitamins and minerals only in the salon with the assistance of qualified specialists.

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