Natural Ways To Accelerate Hair Growth

There are many ways to accelerate hair growth naturally. Toxins have stopped our hair from growing as it should in some cases and this can be remedied with natural solutions. However you may have a hereditary hair loss but even in those cases this can be remedied through the natural means of restoration.

This is because hereditary hair loss is usually from medical conditions that are caused by the toxins as well. These different conditions such as diabetes may cause the loss of hair and the restoration of function given by having a diet that is not full of processed sugars may also help in restoring hair naturally.

Natural Ways To Accelerate Hair Growth

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You can begin a natural means of restoration through eating a diet rich in proteins such as fish, eggs and dairy because these are foods that accelerate hair growth. Increasing Iron in the diet also shows to help this condition because iron helps to increase circulation in the scalp.

If you reduce the amount of alcoholic beverages you consume this will also help in hair restoration because drinking alcohol reduces hair growth. Drink more water as well because the hair shaft is comprised of water and the amount is about a quarter cup. So if you are drinking four to eight cups of water a day you are feeding the scalp exactly what it needs to restore.

Smoking also causes hair loss because cigarettes reduce blood flow to the scalp. Vitamins A, B, C and E need to be replenished in the system. Vitamin E stimulates scalp circulation and can be applied externally to the scalp as well. Vitamin A increases the fat synthesis in the hair follicles which also promote growth and by eating foods rich in these vitamins naturally you can begin the journey through your diet.

Vitamin C also promotes hair growth because citrus and peppers are a part of having healthy hair. The amount needed is quite a bit and it is about 1000 to 3000mg daily. These are all great ways to begin restoration but let’s look at a few natural oils that are suggested as well.

Almond oil is essential because it is rich in Vitamin E and you can rub it directly on the scalp for fifteen to twenty minutes and then massage a bit more and leave for another forty five minutes and shampoo. However you can leave in overnight because the longer the better and shampoo with regular shampoo the next day.

Here is a recipe for some of the oils that are said to work for hair restoration.

  • Three tablespoons of almond oil
  • Three tablespoons of castor oil
  • One hibiscus flower torn into pieces

Mix all of these together and apply and leave in for ten minutes and then wrap your hair in a towel for an hour and then shampoo. You can do this treatment twice a week for three to six months and you will start to see your hair respond just from this external application. This will also give a hint of red to your hair so don’t be shocked by this. It is not a drastic change it is just a hint but it will also give your hair a lustrous appearance making it fuller immediately after application.

This recipe is the best of all my research on the net because it cuts castor oil in half and adds two other oils that are said to be essential in the fight of hair restoration. You can use castor oil on lashes and eyebrows as well and even buy serums that contain castor oil for maximum regrowth potential but be careful some of the reviews say that using this on your lashes will produce other follicle growth around the lash area so be precise when applying and leaving the lash area. If you want and need more eyebrows it is the same principle because castor oil opens up hair follicles.

These are tried and true methods to regrow hair naturally but the main things are giving the body what it desires and cutting down on things that are detrimental to your natural body processes. Cutting down on alcohol and smoking and giving your body the protein and vitamins it needs to regrow your hair are important. If you already have this advantage there should be no obstacles in your path to hair regeneration.

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