Alopecia – The Truth About Hair Loss

Alopecia. A dreaded word for any man, or woman, who know it’s true meaning and who have experienced it first hand. I’m talking about hair loss.

Although alopecia, or hair loss, can occur anywhere on the body, it is most upsetting when it happens on the scalp where the loss can be embarrassing and difficult to cover up.

Women’s Hair Loss

Any number of factors can be attributed to excessive hair loss such as an illness or major surgery, or the stress related to these. Some medications can contribute to hair loss. For women, hormone fluctuations, such as pregnancy can cause hair loss. Hair loss attributed to any of these causes is generally only temporary.

Most female hair loss occurs over the entire scalp. Women’s hair loss generally begins at any age through 50, or later, and may not have any hereditary association. If you are a woman experiencing hair loss it is best to seek advice from a professional in hair restoration. Be aware that sometimes hair loss can be a sign of illness.

For some women, improper care, or being “hard” on the hair can cause hair loss. This would be most common for women who wear their hair in pigtails or tight cornrows. The pulling and tugging can cause hair loss and can promote scarring of the scalp. If the pulling and tugging are stopped hair will usually grow back normally. Years of this type of abuse can cause permanent scarring which can prevent regrowth of hair.

Men’s Hair Loss

It is believed that approximately 35 million men in the United States suffer from hair loss that is called male pattern hair loss. This hair loss usually starts at an early age and develops into more extensive baldness. This is an inherited trait. This hair loss in men is caused by what is called DHT, which is a hormone in men that causes the hair follicle to shrink.

Hair Loss Treatments

There are many, many treatments that claim to help with hair loss. Natural shampoos with natural algae and botanicals, shampoo with natural DHT inhibitors and nutrients, and some treatments that combine essential oils with a pulsed electromagnetic field. Minoxidil is a cream that is applied directly to the scalp several times a day.

Propecia is a pill taken once daily which is advertised to be safe and effective for male pattern hair loss. This is one of the hair loss remedies that claims to halt the effects of DHT – dihydrotestosterone – the reason men have thinning and hair loss. Another of these products is Avodart.

When looking through the treatments and remedies available it is important to remember that hair loss in men and women are caused by different factors and to choose accordingly.

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