10 Common Makeup Mistakes

We have compiled a list of the most common makeup mistakes that will actually add years and not delete them. Continue reading to find out if you are making any of these old mistakes and what can you do to improve them.

In applying makeup there are a lot of subtleties and tricks that will greatly facilitate the life of a woman. But the most important thing is not to make mistakes that will spoil everything. Here are the most common you should avoid looking young.

Here is a list of common makeup mistakes

When choosing a tonal tool, never test it on the cheek area. The skin on this much more susceptible to the influence of ultraviolet and differs in color from the rest of the face. If, when selecting a tonal basis, you will be guided by this zone, the tone does not match with the tint of the neck the makeup will look artificially. Instead, apply a few shades on the chin. Buy a tone that fits as much as possible with a natural shade of the skin.

Never put a tonal base from the bottom up. This will emphasize the vegetation and fluff, lifting the hairs. If you apply a tone from top to bottom, you will get a more even surface of the skin.

Do not apply concealer to the tonal base. Otherwise it will be partially erased when the base is applied. It is better to apply it on top of the foundation. According to the rules of makeup the concealer should be 1 shade lighter than the tonal basis.

To disguise the pimple it is better to first completely level the tone of the face and then apply the corrector to the problem areas and fix the tone with the powder.

If you want to disguise the concealer circles under the eyes, then it is correct to apply it not in the shape of the eyes with a crescent but in the form of a triangle, then shade.

Makeups very much over dry the skin. So first apply on your face toner and moisturizer.

Do not use friable powder to remove greasy shine. So makeup will look too dense. It is best to use a transparent matting powder.

Do not apply bronzing powder to the whole face. Draw a conventional figure of “3” on both sides of the face.

Do not stretch the eyelid, when you draw arrows – this significantly reduces the elasticity of the delicate skin around the eyes. By the way, do not also apply black eyeliner to the lower and upper eyelid; this will visually make the eyes smaller.

Before applying lipstick, outline the contour with a pencil, so the makeup of the lips will look neater and last longer.

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